Leasing Equipment with QED

QED provides a range of leasing services to help you spread the cost of your coffee shop or general refrigeration investment and manage your cashflow. To receive a quick leasing estimate, try our leasing calculator on the right.

The purchase of a new coffee shop or servery scheme represents a significant capital investment in your business. Rather than extending your borrowing at the bank, leasing provides a prudent and tax efficient option that will help you to develop your retail or catering business with confidence.

Some major benefits of QED leasing plans include:

  • Tax Efficient - Payments are 100% allowable against taxable profits; let the taxman pay for your assets! 
  • Retention of Capital - Why not use your valuable working capital on profitable purchases not capital equipment that can be financed out of revenue over its useful working life. 
  • Additional Source of Finance - Our finance is quite separate from traditional sources of business finance such as loans and overdrafts. You will not use up your existing facilities. 
  • Fixed Rates - In an uncertain market place it is good to know that your payments cannot increase. A great help when you are budgeting or forecasting

Leasing of equipment can be taken out over 2, 3, 4 or even 5 years, depending on the size of the project and your current financial status. It is also an option to help you expand the business if it is successful. In time, your coffee shop or retail concept could be expanded to multiple branches, each with its individual leasing plan to suit the cashflow forecasts for each outlet.

To see how much a QED leasing arrangement could cost on a weekly or monthly basis, and to work out the current level of tax relief, try our simple leasing calculator on the right. For further information and a full quotation, email us or call 0141 779 9503.

QED is a registered consumer credit license holder.


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Leasing Equipment with QED

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